About the Vision Zero Partnership

Vision, aims and objectives

The overall vision and long-term goal for the Vision Zero Partnership is to achieve Vision Zero, where no people are killed or severely injured on the partnership’s roads. 

  • To prevent road users from being killed or seriously injured (KSI) through a coordinated approach, using Safe System principles.
  • To reduce the social impact of road casualties, at an individual, family and community level.
  • To reduce the cost to public agencies in dealing with the impact of road collisions.
  • To develop a financially sustainable model of delivering road safety activity across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

Reduce casualties

  • To work within the Safe System to deliver a coordinated approach to achieve Vision Zero
  • To undertake targeted road safety enforcement as part of a strategy to reduce KSIs.
  • To reduce year on year the numbers of people killed and seriously injured on

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough roads, to a point where there are no fatalities or seriously injured casualties.


  • To identify vulnerable road users and deliver targeted initiatives to prevent collisions resulting in death and serious injuries.
  • To encourage and facilitate utilisation of the safest possible vehicles and equipment.
  • To identify high risk collision locations and develop preventative measures (including road engineering solutions) to decrease the risk of future collisions, alongside reviewing the network to reduce road danger through a roads assessment programme.


  • To support the victims of road collisions and reduce the social impact for individuals, families and communities.
  • To provide the best possible post-incident response, both at the roadside and in the health setting.


  • To share data and intelligence across public agencies to prevent future road collisions.
  • To work across other Partnership areas to identify methods of reducing partnership costs.
  • To lobby and influence organisations, companies and government departments where appropriate

Who is involved in the Vision Zero Partnership?

The Vision Zero Partnership consists of:

The Partnership reports to the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner, Cambridgeshire County Council, Peterborough City Council and the Combined Authority for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The inclusion of public health and medical practitioners, victim support and rehabilitation is based on the recognition that social and economic costs of road collisions require wider provision than traditional programmes have previously included.

Vision Zero is a road safety partnership strategy incorporating the international Safe System policy approach for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

What is the Safe System?

It is a concept in road safety which originated in Sweden and the Netherlands in the 1980s and 1990s.

Adopting a Safe System starts with accepting the validity of a simple ethical imperative: 

No human being should be killed or seriously injured as the result of a road crash.

The Safe System incorporates a shared responsibility for road safety by moving away from the traditional focus on making road users compliant. It continues to be important that road users comply with the rules of the system, but also that the system is forgiving when people make mistakes. Information giving and enforcement are still important, but they need to be coordinated with safe vehicle and road design, speed choice, and post collision response.

The Safe System requires a systematic, multi-disciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to address the safety needs of all users. It requires a proactive strategy which places road safety in the centre of road traffic system planning, design, operation and use. There are five components for action:

A circular diagram showing the 5 safe system components: safe speeds, safe vehicles, safe road users, safe roads and post-collision response
The 5 Safe System components

Safe System Workstreams

The creation of Safe System Workstreams is an innovative new way of formalising the Safe System approach into the Vision Zero Partnership. It is a based on international best practice and also plays to the strengths of the partners involved.

For each of the Safe System components, it means that there is a natural ‘lead’ within the Vision Zero Partnership, however, no lead can work in isolation. Multiple partners will be involved in each of the Safe System Workstreams and each Workstream must work with the other Workstreams and upwards and outwards from the Partnership in order to create the Safe System.

To find out more check out what we do or one of the specific workstream links below:

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